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Helios LED'S


Helios Led's have been designed and manufactured with the reef keeper front and center. With a broad range of features dealing with all aspects of reef keepers in mind. From an all Aluminium construction to Wireless control to the most important feature of the CORRECT spectrum for true coral coloration. Please browse our feature list below and as always feel free to contact us at anytime.


Aluminum housing

All materials including housing case are made of high quality anodic aluminum oxide, they will never corrode in the salty humid environments, while the total weight of units are only half of standard metal box units on the market. The Inner aluminum heat sink plus outer surface of full aluminum housing are designed for fast heat dissipation, Aluminum surface temperature will be higher than normal design, but inner temperature LED junction is less than 80°, allowing for a much longer service life. This housing is available in black brushed aluminum giving the light a sleek modern look and with the units light weight having them over your aquarium adds to the look of the system.


Modularization Design


Our modular design is done in 90 watt modules or Modules as we term them. This allows us to offer individual lights ranging from  90W, Light (shown above) through to our largest Light the 540 watt  6 Module (shown on the left). Available Lights  range from: 90W - 1 module, 180W - 2 modules, 270W - 3 modules, 360W- 4 modules, 540W - 6 modules. The lights dimming control can daisy chain up to 10 lights and the power supply up to 1000 Watts


Wireless Control

 All lights are wireless controllable from 0 to 100 % with three channels using our wireless controller along with a remove for ease of programming. 

Our controllers allow our clients to control up to 22 groups with each group able to control up to 9 lights. What this does is to allow you to control all the lights over your aquarium as a group or individually. Or if you have multiple aquariums you could control them separately or all together 



What we have designed in terms of spectrum is to allow our lights to provide more Intensity/Power as a full Spectrum Light then any other Led currently on the market. Also with the current market trending back toward T-5 lights as a supplement to led's we have provided more Power across the full spectrum then has any size high end T-5 bulb. This eliminates the huge cost of having to supplement other poorly designed Fixtures  


Channel 1:

Is the channel we use for our 40 watt multi chip that we have tuned to a 14 K output, along with 2 x 3 watt 3000K and 6 x 3 watt 14k leds . This channel is more full spectrum then any other Led fixture available, it also has more power/intensity then T-5 fixtures

Channel 2:

Channel 2 uses six 3 watt led's with a combination of Blue, Royal Blue and Aqua blue. This channel provides supplementation to channel 1 and is used for dusk and dawn effects.

Channel 3:

Channel 2 uses six 3 watt led's that are all in the 410 nm (UV) range. These lights are also used for dusk and dawn effects and supplementation but are also very popular for using to show that "Florescence" color that all reefers are looking for.



OPTICS:  40 Watt Multi chips have a 105 degree high efficiency optic lens for full coverage and our 3 watt led's have 78 degree.

DAISY CHAIN: Power can be daisy chained from one light to another up to a total power of 1000 watts. Controllers operate up to 198 individual lights

PROGRAM ABILITY: Our Wireless controllers all come with a pre-programmed with sunset, sunrise, sunny and cloudy modes. But the unprecedented control allows our clients do program in whatever they want from dawn to high noon to dusk in 1 % increments.

Warranty:  We proudly offer a 2 year full warranty on the craftsmanship of our Led's


Write up

Have you noticed that most reef tank owners that run Led’s now days complain that their corals just don’t look as colorful as they used to under Metal Halide or Fluorescent lighting? We there is a good reason. Within coral you have Zoo anthelia that the corals use for growth through photosynthesis; within them you have two primary pigments, Periden (yellow) and Chlorophyll (green) together they look a golden brown. Zoo anthelia absorb and use light waves that are primarily between 400-500 nm. Violet to blue. Now with most all leds on the market the vast majority of leds come with two types of white, two types of blues with a few odd colors (red, green, yellow) thrown in for good measure.

So when you look at the led lights overall all the blues and all the white put out light waves in the 400 to 500mn zone. Which we call PUR (photosynthetic usable Radiation) and as it relates to the coral it fits perfectly into the light waves they need for growth. And as has been proven in the hobby led’s will grow corals no problem now days.

So what’s up with the corals?? Simple, having lived and evolved for millions of year coral have adapted themselves to be able to change and thus use light waves outside of the 400-500nm zone. They do this through what are called accessory pigment, so far there have been literally hundreds of accessory pigments discovered and named that are genetically imprinted in the corals DNA. The way they work is that when a particular light wave shines down on them they become exited and absorb that light wave, then they fluoresces a different light wave out, in most cases a light wave that is usable by the zoo anthelia. In some case multiple pigments are employed to change the light waves until it become a light wave the zoo anthelia can absorb are used for photosynthesis.

So how does this pertain to lights? Simple these accessory pigments just happen to be the colors on corals that we love to eww and ahh about. But unless they are brought to excitation they will not become dominate in the coral for us to see. So how do we make led fixtures expand their Par outside of the 400-500nm zone? Well we don’t do it by dropping in random colored leds here and there for sure (too little and too easily drowned out) trust me we have tried for a long time.

But now we have finally found the formula and would like to introduce our new line of lights. We have custom designed out lights to have a central multichip that we have blended with various leds from 3000K to 7000K all the way up to your blues and violets in terms of temperature. The result is a true 14k appearance and we put this center multichip on one channel with a few more 3000K, 7000k and true 14000k 3 watt leds. Then we added a true blue channel for dawn and dusk simulation or just too blue up the overall look or even for a moonlight cycle. Our third and final channel consists of all violet leds, to give the corals that color pop we all love to see. Let me give you some specifications.

The new line has been designed using a combination of 40 Watt multi chip tuned to 14K and is surrounded by high powered 3 watt led’s in a broad spectrum.