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Crystal Reef Aquatics Lumos custom reef sumps come in 6 fully customisable models. Our sumps are designed to be feature rich and have all the accessories built in for a truly Plug and Play experience.  Our Sump systems are all designed and built in the USA using top of the line Plexiglass products. With over 30 years in the business our attention to detail and construction is second to none. As with all CRA's custom sumps all features are included in the price. Please browse our models and feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss


CRA's Lumos 60 model is designed for larger aquariums, measuring 60 x 22 x 16 tall. It is created to be a feature rich Sump with all features included in the price (Click below for a details). As with all CRA filtration system we offer customization required to your exact specification. 

CRA 60 = $ 1145.99.00


CRA's Lumos 44 Regular model is a feature rich sump measuring 44 x 20 x 16 and is configured for those who do not require a refugium. As with all CRA Sumps all shown features are included in the price and can be customized if required to the clients exact specifications. Click below for a more detailed look at the included features and details.


CRA 44 regular = $ 749.99


CRA'S LUMOS 44 REFUGIUM MODEL. With this unique model we have both the Refugium and Skimmer chambers running parallel to each other and controlled by 2 separated adjustable baffles to allow for independent control . The unit measures 44 x 20 x 16 and as always comes with all the features included in the price. Click below for a detailed list and specifications.

CRA Lumos 44 Refugium = 799.99


CRA'S LUMOS 36 MODEL. This custom sump measures at 36 x 15 x 16 and is as with all CRA sumps comes with a host of features and add-ons (click Details below) .


CRA Lumos 36 = $ 624.99


CRA'S LUMOS 30 MODEL. This custom sump measures at 30 x  15 x 15 and is design for our clients who want all the features and have a smaller space to work with. As with all CRA sumps it is feature rich and all are included in the price. Click below for details and specifications.


CRA Lumos 30 = $ 524.99


CRA'S LUMOS 20 MODEL. Design for smaller aquariums or cubes this model measures at 20 x 20 x 15. It has a unique flow pattern with a full display refugium up front. As with all CRA sumps this unit is feature rich and all inclusive. Click below for a list of details and specifications.


CRA Lumos 20 = $ 449.99